Advanced Science Labs is extremely proud to have partnered with a team of indusrty veterans in what will be the top up and comer in this $150 Billion per year industry. Our current product line has enormous return potential over the  next few short years through a powerful, proven medium. Advanced Science Labs’ primary mission is to build corporate value over the long term by developing a highly recognizable brand name known for outstanding health products that improve the lives of its customers while providing a substantial profit and capital return to investors. This will be achieved through three important aspects of operating our business. We (1) will offer an excellent product that provides a useful solution to a common problem, (2) develop highly effective direct advertising for that product, and (3) have the right team in place to manage fast growth correctly.

The company’s secondary goal is to help people live healthy active lives by providing pharmaceutical alternatives thru advanced nutraceutical science. Breast cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer have all risen 3,000% in recent years. Many believe this is due in large part to the estrogen mimickers found primarily in plastic and can packaging. We can help educate people about this and many other important health matters while providing products, Testosterone Booster (Male) and Female Vitality that can reverse these effects by lowering estrogen and raising testosterone levels.

Advanced Science Labs will launch its first Male Vitality-Testosterone Booster product, which is the result of unparalleled research and formulation. It is the most effective and comprehensive natural testosterone booster ever formulated and will be marketed via an infomercial campaign utilizing the top media buying company in the nation that has had prior success with other similar products within the same demographic. After a successful infomercial campaign it will be leveraged into a national retail campaign. Advanced Science Labs’ team has built other products from inception to national retails sales of over $50M annually and has very close relationships with all the major national retailers.

From inception, Advanced Science Labs will set out to build brand name recognition through the TV airings to distribute the product through traditional retail channels and leverage the first product's financial success through the launching of subsequent products to expand retail shelf space. In addition to the initial male vitality-testosterone booster product, Advanced Science Labs has several other product formulas utilizing  the most advanced nutraceutical technology, which will be subsequently plugged into the same marketing pipeline. They all have huge potential and are perfect for the infomercial  format as they solve a common problem and have a noticeable effect. In order they are as follows:

  1. Male Vitality - Testosterone Booster (& Libido)
  2. Deep Cleanse Heavy Metal & Pesticide Detox (& Parasite Cleanse)
  3. Brain Function
  4. Sleep
  5. Female Vitality
  6. Prostate Formula

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